Owner Managed Businesses

Small enough to care. Big enough to cope

We give you the best of both worlds – a local accountant who will work with you, understand your business and make the whole process of record keeping and reporting easy to understand. If you need more help, you can access higher layers of service.


We have specialists who can advise you on subjects as diverse as growth strategies, business model transformation, distribution solutions, and improving efficiencies. We can give you greater visibility under the bonnet of your company, and help you make the progression to new technology.


Family is family

Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. Families can be a source of strength and bring a unity of purpose and long-term vision that helps drive a business. Mixing family and business can also create a specific set of challenges. We can often be found around a table with family stakeholders helping solve the business challenges that arise.

These can include the roles of family members, the demands of balancing family and non-family stakeholders or maintaining engagement with a large and disparate group of family shareholders. Governance, conflict management and succession planning are just some of the areas where we help family-owned businesses to make the most of their attributes and continue their success. The discussions and advice nearly always involve tax!

We work closely with family-owned and family-operated businesses. Often this journey starts with a first-generation business with a single shareholder leading to multi-generational businesses with a broad group of stakeholders.

Services to owner managed businesses include:

Optimising your tax responsibility and planning, maximise returns, minimise risks and help you drive your business towards its best possible future

Our corporate finance team will ensure you get best value in your business transactions and are financed with competitive terms

Our team can provide cloud accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and company secretarial services to ensure you can get on with your day job; and we can undertake an efficient and hassle-free audit.

Placing a huge variety of up-to-date tools, knowledge, and skills at your disposal, will help you drive your business towards a successful and sustainable future. Our team will give you sensitive and flexible support for your ideas to help you reach your goals faster than you ever imagined

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